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Pump/Motor for 230v, 1 or 2 Speed

    Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tub 2.5HP; 230v; 1 and 2 Speed; 48 Frame

The New Generation JHT/JPS Motor comes in TWO pieces; the motor body AND the motor bracket. These are TWO different pieces and must be ordered separately. You can order either or both. The motor bracket is designed to be permanently installed. When you need to remove the pump/motor, you release the strap and remove. It makes motor removal easier and also allows more adjustments in direction the motor sits.  .

J-300's and J-400's #1 Pump
2.5hp;  220/240vac
1 or 2 Speed
(align pump to fit)
Some models have 1 speed jet pumps, others 2 speed jet pumps.
You can tell if your pump is 1 or
2 speed by the RPM on the
motor label. 1 speed will
say 3450rpm. 2 speed will
say 3450/1725rpm

Pump Only Need to buy bracket one time. Motors no longer come with bracket welded on.
Bracket Only Pump/Motor w/o Bracket (uses 2009+ Wetend)
2.5 B Style ?
6000-532 6500-341
1 Speed, 240v, 48frame
2 Speed, 240v, 48frame
$126.00 $31.50 $375.35 $425.35

Save over $100.00 
Replaced your Jacuzzi pump/motor with a generic LX Brand

See Here

    Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tub 2.5HP; 230v; 1 and 2 Speed; 48 Frame
For Owners with the "old style" motor with a "welded bracket" on the motor.
We sell the "new generation" pump/motor complete AND the "new generation" bracket cradle together at a discounted price.
Plus 6000-833
6500-341 (1 speed) w/ 6000-532 6500-343 (2 speed) w/6000-532
$399.00 $449.00


  Generic Replacement for Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tub 2.5HP; 230v; 56f 1 and 2 Speed; 56 Frame

See Here


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