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Nothing Works: (and we mean nothing)
"Nothing works" usually is easy for the tech to address.. but harder for you. Because you FIRST have to check voltage coming into the spa. If you don't have experience is using a voltmeter, find someone who does. You will be dealing with "live" voltage that can harm you.
First you want to check what voltage you have coming in. So click WHICH voltage your spa is running on:
Testing Incoming Power
If voltages are not correct, have an electrician correct.

If voltages ARE correct, next step is checking the fuses. Again, a qualified person should do so. Fuse Test

If voltage is good and all the fuses are fine and Nothing works, then you likely have a failed board.
Easiest way to ID your board is ID usually on a label or on the board on the upper left corner of the board. It will be either the 1042 or 1044 board. 

 Click Here For Boards

If fuse is blown, replace. If blows again, then component it protects probably has failed. On some boards, one of the smaller fuses is an "air blower" fuse. If that fails, replace the air blower. On all boards, one small fuse will protect the board. If that blows, you had a surge of some type and the fuse tried to protect the board. If might have or might not have.
If the larger 20, 25, or 30amp fuse blew, it almost always indicates a pump motor is failing. If you replace and the problem is solved, LIKELY, the fuse will blow soon and the time between fuse blowing will shorten quickly. Replace the motor or pump/motor complete.


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