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Series with NEW "U" Heater

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For Spas With Left Side Heater:

We have struggled for years trying to find a complete control system that works with a small 24/7 circulation pump, reasonably priced, and not hard to install. We have found it !!!

Our previous offering was a "make work" system for $624.00 and did NOT include a new heater. The C-5 with a basic digital topside for $558.00 INCLUDING new heater... is an excellent choice.

Introducing the Clear Creek C-5 Control Unit with "U"  Low Flo Heater.

You replace your failed control box and heater with current generation control box with a U style heater (yes, the heater has to be replaced). After you remove the old heater, you direct the circ pump to discharge the water flow to the "U" heater built into the control box. We include hoses and clamps to make installation easy. Unfortunately on the old system all the water movement is in front of left of the control box. With this system its to the right. But we include hose, couplings, and instructions how to do.

This is current technology design. It has a large topside with full functions. It requires a GFCI protected circuit that does not come with the system. This unit also has ability to operate your #1 Jet pump with 1 or 2 speeds and you second jet pump, and an air blower if you have one. Up to THREE components when you are using 230vac incoming power plus your circulation pump. NOTE: Some components might turn off when others are on due to the limit of the current available.

2018C5Lfront T8s Topside
T7s Topside
What You Will  Have to Do: Remove the existing heater and control box. The water flows from the filter, through the circ pump, through the heater, and into the spa. As shown, the discharge end of the heater is on the top right. The inlet of the heater is in the lower backside of the control box. These fittings are 3/4" just as you have now. With the added piping, you will reroute the water to flow from the circ pump to the lower backside heater fitting. Then add a loop on the discharge side of the heater to existing plumbing to left.

Since each control box is configured to your needs, take care to enter the correct components at checkout. We program the C-5 to your specs. Although you can reprogram later, it will be easier for you if we do this before we ship.

With Stanard T-7 or optional T8-S or T8-X Topside
Each kit includes instructions, operation manual, sensors, hose, and electronic touchpad topside.
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