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Replace Your Control System - - Electronic

We want to make your install as easy as we can.  With the following information we will create a custom installation help sheet to match your existing needs. We will send you SPECIFIC steps to take to configure for you spa when you fill out the information below.. That way it will be as easy as we can make it for you to install and get your spa operating. You currently have a canister heater attached to the control box. Our C-5 has the more common ""U" style heater as shown. We include hoses to allow you to keep your circ pump in its current locale.

Please note you WILL have to replace the existing component cords to the newer style. Pump 1 and Circ Pump cords are INCLUDED at no cost. Other component cords available for purchase.


T7s Topside

T8s Topside

Your choice: standard T7s included or optional Upgrade T8s.

See More Topside Features
C-5 2019 Retro with Low Flow "U" Heater
Kit comes with Installation Instructions, Sensor, Adaptor Hose, and Electronic Topside
Choose Your Topside
T7s Topside T8s Topside
Which Topside do you need? Standard include T7s or Upgrade?   
What voltage is your spa running on?  
What voltage is your 24hr Circulation Pump? Cord is included.    (You Should Physically Look On the Circ Pump Motor)
Choose Your Style Of Heater
2018C5Lfront Low Flow Hori Low Flow Vertical
Attached Corded Horizontal Corded Vertical
Which STYLE Low Flow Heater Do You Want?    
About Pump #1?

 What voltage is your #1 Jet Pump? Cord is included.    (You Should Physically Look On the Jet Pump Motor)

Do You Have a Pump #2 (If not, skip)

 What voltage is your #2 Jet Pump (if have). Cord NOT included  (You Should Physically Look On Motor for voltage)

Do You have an Accessory such as an Air Blower or Pump 3?  (If not, skip)

     (You Should Physically Look On Pump 3 or Air Blower Motor for voltage)

Do You have an Ozonator? (If not, skip)


 Cover Plate? Is the hole in your spa shell too big? See Help   


(Optional)  Give Us Your Brand, Model, and Year of Your Spa.

Brand Of Hot Tub  

MODEL OF Hot Tub   

Approx YEAR Built   


$589.00+ plus corded heater and other options (free shipping to 48 states)