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Replace Your Control System

We want to make your install as easy as we can.  We will SEND YOU steps to take on how to install your new control system. We will send you SPECIFIC steps to take to configure for you spa when you fill out the information below.. That way it will be as easy as we can make it for you to install and get your spa operating. The kit includes the control box, topside, temperature sensor, and Pump 1 cord. Other component cords are extra. See more about cords here.

2019C5bottom Standard (included)
T7s Topside

New T8s ($30.00 extra)

T8s Topside
 (See Comparison)
Replacement Control With Horizontal Heater and Standard Topside
What GFCI Protected  Voltage Is Your Spa Operating On?     
Topside Choice T7s Topside
 Choose Topside:  
About Pump #1  (Cord Included)

Is your #1 Pump?  

About Pump #2  (If not, skip)

Does your spa have a #2 Jet Pump? 

Do You Have An Ozonator  (If not, skip)

Does your spa have an ozonator? 

Do You Have An Air Blower  (If not, skip)

Does your spa have a Blower? 

Do You Have A small 24/7 Circulation Pump  (If not, skip)

Does your spa have a Circulation Pump? 

Do You Need a Stereo Cord? (If not, skip)

Does your spa have a Stereo? 

Cover Plate? Is the hole in your spa shell too big? See Help   


(Optional)  Give Us Your Brand, Model, and Year of Your Spa.

 BRAND OF Spa   


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$478.00-$518.00 plus cords and upgrades (Why Pay For Cords? See Here)


OH... by the way.  The C5 is no stripped down control system. It comes loaded. The only different between our 2 C5 systems is the size of the topside control and which transformer you need. If you add components and need more cords... no problem. If you switch from one voltage to the other, simply buy a corresponding transformer and adjust wiring inside the control box (explained in manual). Other retrokits we have sold and are currently on the market sell you stripped down systems. This system except for the topside and transformer is the full beefy system.