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Each topside has their own size hole specs. Below you will see the size specs for the 2 topside style choices that the C5 offers. Any of the topsides will operate the C5 unit BUT different size and features are incorporated in a particular topside control.


Compare the size hole your old topside leaves. The size shown are the outside dimensions.  If you want a smaller topside but the hole is too large, you can purchase a "blank" that will cover the remaining part of the hole. You install the new blank over the existing larger hole and then your new topside. Blanks are black in color. You can either get a full blank and you cut the proper hole (for the large topside) or custom cut blanks for the standard and T8s topsides.

Standard Topside T7s
T7s Topside


NEW T8s Generation Topside
T8s Topside
3 3/8"x6 3/8"


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