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Repair Parts for Your C-5 Control System

2019C5bottom  T7s Topside
T8s Topside
These Individual Parts Are for the C-5 Control System Only

Extension Plate for T7s topside

08-053 $12.15
ExtensionT8  Extension Plate for T8s Topside 08-053x $12.15
United Thermowell

Drywell Temp Sensor Housing

08-058 $10.49

1 Speed Pump Cord 5' (Black/White/Green)

08-060 $12.40

2 Speed Pump Cord 4' (Black/Red/White/Green)

08-061 $14.40

Blower Cord 5' (Black/White/Green)

08-065 $12.40

Ozonator Cord 5' (Black/White/Green)

08-067 $12.40

Circ Pump Cord 5' (Black/White/Green)

08-066 $12.40





C5 Replacement Board


Limited Availability 

Power Comes In on Right

08-050 $263.14
C5PCB2020  C5 Current Replacement Board
Power Comes in on Left
08-050b $263.14
T7s Topside

Standard T7s Topside Control

08-052 $169.00
T7s Repair Overlay Only (replaces damaged overlay) EL-116b $24.12
T8s Topside T8s Jet Button Topside Control 08-052s $194.00
T8s Jet Topside Repair Overlay Only  (replaces damaged overlay) EL-112b $.12
T7 Overlay T7 Old Generation Overlay Only  EL-116  $24.12
T8x Overlay T8x Old Generation Overlay Only  EL-115  $24.12 
C5 Topside Cord

Topside Cord 10'

08-054 $19.00
C5 Transformer

Transformer 115vac

08-057 $23.15

Transformer 230vac

08-056 $23.15
Transformer 115v/230v 08-055 $28.15

Temp Sensor (long cord)

08-084 $27.17

OH/High Limit Sensor (short cord)

08-083 $22.17



Heater Assembly 5.5

08-040 $134.00


5.5kw Element w/Coating 

This Element Is Coated to Help Extend The Life of The Element. For Those With Troublesome Water or heater is not lasting at least 5 years.

10-016  $49.36 


**You must be qualified to handle electrical and electronics to replace many of these items. This is especially true with the Relays which require you to remove and soldier in the old and new relay.

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